Premium Products & Features

Every GR GEAR van is built with a comprehensive package of Premium Products & Features


What?  "Hidden" products & materials such as insulation, cabinetry hardware, sub-flooring and electrical components

Why?  We build your van to the same high standard as we would for ourselves -- from the sheet metal up. A van environment shakes. A van exterior can get extremely hot or cold. Vans are also vulnerable to condensation and water damage. This is why we use materials such as 3M Thinsulate insulationfull piano hinges, soft-close hardware, 3/4 inch marine plywood flooring and BlueSea electrical components. 


What?  Exposed products & materials such as stainless steel, bamboo, marine-grade vinyl and marine-grade latches

Why?  We work hard to source products that are functional, durable and will be long-lasting in a van environment. Our criteria includes water resistance, ecological footprint and the quality of the manufacturer/vendor. This is why we use stainless steel work surfaces, Smith & Fong Plyboo bamboo and all-stainless steel heavy-duty Southco latches.  


What?  Indoor and outdoor hot & cold water

Why?  Access to water can make or break a van adventure. Our vans carry 22 gallons of fresh water. Cook or clean up using the stainless steel sink inside the private shelter of the van. Or keep it outdoors with the outside sprayer/shower -- it's an easy way to rinse off or to wash a dog, a bike or a board. When the inside sink is not needed, close the glass lid to increase counter space. When the outdoor sprayer is not needed, it is easily removed and stored out of sight.


What?  Indoor and outdoor kitchen workspaces

Why?  Our vans can handle the wide range of van-cooking needs, from coffee for two to dinner for 8. Each has an Isotherm marine-grade refrigerator, a microwave, hot & cold water, storage and 110AC/USB outlets. Two of our configurations have an indoor stainless steel kitchen with additional storage and a Summit induction cooking surface. Finally, all of our vans are configured with an extra large, heavy-duty pull out counter off the back -- creating an instant efficient workspace or gathering point.


What?  Ambient systems, comfort and livability

Why?  An unconverted cargo van is basically a metal box. We convert those metal boxes into a comfortable and livable interior environment.

Ambient systems: Our vans are insulated with 3M Thinsulate SM600L acoustic & thermal automotive insulation (5.2 R-value), additional sound-deadening material and closed cell foam. They have two thermostat-controlled MaxxAir multi-speed ceiling fans with in/out air direction and rain sensors. Two fans with in/out air capability create substantial airflow, even with all windows closed. Thermostat-controlled heat (and hot water) is provided by the Rixen Espar diesel-powered hydronic system with ComfortHot and supplemental AC heat source. This means that our vans do not have to emit diesel fumes when running heat and hot water.

Other items that contribute to a comfortable and livable interior: Driver and passenger swivel seats, all-terrain tires that improve ride and safety, Thetford Curve porta potti, lightly cushioned wall paneling, LED light dimmers, flexible LED reading lights, non-slip flooring and 3-layer memory foam cushions. 


What?  Multiple, flexible and secure storage options

Why?  A high roof Sprinter has an interior cargo volume of 374 cubic feet. It can hold a lot of gear. Securing and organizing that gear is essential for both your safety and your sanity. Our vans have 38-48 cubic feet of flexible, accessible and secure storage in solid Plyboo bamboo cabinetry. This low center-of-gravity storage is accessible from both inside and outside the van. Our vans also have hidden bed-length storage nets, back door storage nets, OEM D-rings, L-track, a large overhead bulkhead shelf and heavy-duty front or rear hitches. Need more? One of our configurations includes 2 swing-away Aluminess Products boxes for an additional 13.3 cubic feet of waterproof, lockable storage. 


What?  Power - Connectivity - Audio

Why?  Be as plugged-in or off-the-grid as you want to be. Our vans have both 110AC and 12V power with high capacity 3000 watt inverters and 220 watt solar panels. Or, power them up with shore power. Plug your laptop or phone into the 110AC/USB outlets. Connect with the 4G LTE internet router. Turn-it-up or tune-out with the help of four integrated 100 watt speakers and 400 watt amplifier audio system. 


Please Contact Us or review the Specification Sheets for details on each vehicle.